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Designcubed is an architecture and design practice based in East Dulwich, South East London and in Trinity Buoy Wharf, by the side of the Thames, in East London.

We design practical, contemporary architecture that encourages people to live well and enjoy life.

We work side by side with our clients to create high quality and inspiring yet affordable buildings.

Homes + Living

Built with a limited budget, this imaginatively designed, light-filled home makes the most of its tight city location.


Grand Designs Magazine

Education + Learning

Designcubed’s new Block A at Beaumont School has transformed the educational experience of both staff and students.

An already outstanding school now has outstanding facilities to match its needs and ambitions.

Alex Hall
Head of Governors, Beaumont School


Wineries + Agriculture

Since 2012 we have been specialist consultants to English wineries and vineyards.

In partnership with viticultural specialists, Vinescapes, we offer designs, help, advice, and management for all aspects of vineyard estate development.

Community + Lifestyle

From day one Designcubed were extremely supportive and went the extra mile in supporting us with ideas and attention to detail for providing answers to a very specialist development.

Carl Groombridge
Centre Curator

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