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"Courtyard House Features on TV!

25th September, 2014

..shortly after our Courtyard House appeared in London’s Evening Standard we were approached by a TV production company working for London’s new television channel London Live to see if we would by happy to feature on a new homes and property show. Intrigued (although somewhat nervous how we might be portrayed after a quick Google revealed that they produced programmes such as “Cowboy Builders“) we took the plunge and a few weeks later the production crew arrived for our 2hrs of filming..

On the day it was just me and the director-come-camera man. Being a ‘film-star’ newbie I was expecting some fairly explicit direction but it was more like, “okay, so just tell me something about the space we’re standing in right now” – point the camera and shoot the scene in a single take.. Unfortunately for me I was unable to see any of the footage or the final piece until it was shown on TV for the first time so I really wasn’t sure how it would look or how I would be edited. When I finally did get to see it I was relieved that it came across fairly well (I think). You can view a shortened version of the piece via the link below..

London Live TV
London Live TV

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